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is there is a way to prevent baby?

This is the first month that my girlfriend doesn't have her period . is there still a way to prevent the baby ? i mean i always use condom , i don' want baby !

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    Stop being a whiny moron.

    If you gotta screw her, just DONT ejaculate inside her and make sure you wear a rubber. If she has a huge crush on you, she might try to get pregnant on purpose to trap you so that is why you ALWAYS use a condom and don't ejaculate inside her. That will significantly reduce the odds of getting her pregnant.

    If she is young, its normal for a girl to not have consistent period cycles. Make her go to the doctor and see.

    And those who preach about not having sex, it works for you because you are probably ugly and don't get laid.

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    No exposure to 1st, 2nd or 3rd hand smoke. Sleeping on backs. Binky does help as it wakes them up to suck on it. Ceiling fans seem to help too. There a monitors you can put on the bed that set off an alarm if baby fails to move for a set amount of time (like when they stop breathing). Mesh bumper on the crib or no bumper (never use a padded bumper), no blankets just a sheet if you need too or better yet a sleeper blanket if it is chilly in the room (feel hands and feet if they are chilly you may need a sheet or something but you don't want to overheat a new baby. Keep nose clear from snot. Humidifiers help if your air in your house is dry which is a common issue during the winter. No stuffed animals in the crib with a sleeping baby. Make sure to fully burp a baby before laying them down after a bottle, spitup is easy to choke on. Real SIDS though they have found has more to do with seretonin in the brains and they are trying to find a way to test babies at birth to determine possible risk of SIDS. Most babies labeled as SIDS are usually suffocation.

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    if you didn't want the baby then why'd you get her knocked up.. i mean i might only be 13, but that's just common sense!

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    Yes, it's called keeping your pants on and not having sex.

    What's done is done, if she's pregnant, she's pregnant, and you need to step up and take responsibility, rather than being another deadbeat.

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    the only thing you can do is wear a condom and control yourself

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    get some diet coke and spray it inside. theyve being doing this for ages. check it out. it kills sperm, super effective

  • Well abortion... But it's not just up to you.

    It's up to your girlfriend aswel. [:

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    you had better not do sex

  • don't have sex!!!

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