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Can you give me tips on what guitar I should choose?

I'm thinking of buying a Highway One Telecaster (Upgrade) using a Micro Spider amp. Do you think these will produce a great sound of rock, pop, country, classical, jazz, blues and ALL the other genres?

(But they are pretty expensive)

I have a $520 budget for guitar and $100 for amp. I want something that I can jam with my friends but will also be great at my gigs?

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    The best guitar in the world will sound like absolute crap when played through a cheap, small amp. However, even a crappy guitar will most likely sound passable through a good amp. I would reconsider how you distribute your budget there.

    For six hundred dollars, I would buy both used... you get a lot more bang for your buck. But I doubt you're going to find anything that will convincingly cover ALL genres for six hundred dollars.

    Me personally, i would get the tele and buy a used all tube fender amp. Or even an old Traynor (they were a canadian brand that put out amps of quality equal to Fender and Marshall, but they were made for the rental market instead of retail like Fender and Marshall. They sound amazing and can be had cheap comparatively, because no one really knows what they are.)

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  • The guitar I pick up the most is my Highway One Strat (the first generation kind, when they were kind of a mix of American Series guitars with Classic Series parts), so I love it and think those are great. (I also have a Japan-made '62 Tele and a Martin 000-15 acoustic). I'd also try out the Classic Series Fenders, too, as well as the PRS SE and Godins when shopping.

    I'm not sure about the amp. I haven't tried one, but it seems small for jamming/gigs, but you can always use a mic. When you shop, see if you can try out a Fender G-Dec Jr (also a small amp, but it has drum/bass tracks to play along) and the Roland Cubes. If you want something with more oompf for gigging, there are a lot of great little tube amps, like the Fender Pro Jr. (I have one) that look fairly small, but they can be tough to use in a bedroom if you want to get that distorted grind.

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    buy an acoustic guitar at the same time it can be an electric guitar so that you can connect it in amplifiers.

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