My ex Gf met has met someone else?

Before you write my nasty answer, understand I do want to seek help...anyway, my gf broke up with me about a month ago and today I called her and her new Bf picked up the phone to tell me to stop calling her..I know this is wrong but I call her all the time now..I think I have a serious emotional problem i need professional help..I dont want her back, and im not in love with her, but she hurt me very now i call her constantly and purposely harass her..mostly when im alone at night..i know i could face serious legal issues but every time im alone I almost feel like I want revenge by annoying her with constant phone calls..I know this a form of stalking, but just moving feels like she will be getting away with breaking my heart..I dont even feel sorry that im doing this to her..can i become a better person through professional help?

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    Delete her number from your phone when you're in a sane mood.

    Get a hobby to distract yourself from her

    Write a post it saying DO NOT CALL HER and put it by your phone

    OR accept the beating her new boyfriend is going to give you

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