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when obama pulls our troops out of iraq?

do you think that the mighty iraq army and police force will be able to keep terrorist groups from taking over the nation and exploiting their oil revenues to pay for them to be able to attack us?do you think without our armed forces leading the way that they really have a shot at controlling their own nation ?do you think terrorist groups will love it when were gone from there?what do you think the tarriest groups will do first when were gone?do you think by not finishing the job were making a mistake?

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    If we just suddenly pulled our troops out the country would implode in civil war. There are too many different groups who want to control the country and the second we step out the Iraq government would get over run. We need to do a slow pull out and even then we'll keep "peace keeping" troops there for quite some time. As the person said above me, we still have troops in Korea and that was was fought around 50 years ago.

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    We will still have Military Police over in Iraq training the forces so with U.S. training the Iraq army and police force have a great shot. Plus if anything happens our troops won't be to terribly far away. There being moved to Afghanistan after we pull out of Iraq.

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    well i think that we first question is when is the job finished? What else do we have to do and how long will it take. Is there a government in Iraq, do they have free elections, do they have a national security force and an army. Did they adopt there constitution? If you answer yes to all of these I would say mission accomplished.

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    If our troops are pulled out too soon Iran will move in and take over the country. Depending on Obama's foreign policy they might not wait untill our troops pull out.

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    I hope he pulls them out within a year. It's time to bring our troops home and put some troops on our borders instead of a nonsense war in Iraq. Too many people have died and that's sad. Iraq can now take care of themselves, we don't have to stay there and hold their hands, they have a gov't now.

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    because of fact of binding agreements with those countries to furnish secure practices till a particular date and because in Afghanistan the protection rigidity on the floor instructed Obama a surge of troops would help to end the venture speedier and because we've shape initiatives no longer achieved. They lied to him. Then in many circumstances used McNichol went to the distant places press and criticized Pres. Obama. and because Congress gets forced by using lobbyists who characterize various industries to perpetuate distant places operations for earnings. The White domicile, the Pentagon and State branch have contracts with companies to furnish human beings for particular initiatives. we've equipped extra protection rigidity bases and plan to maintain them completely there for the purpose of intimidating Iran and antagonizing Russia and to pacify Israel. the real authority is Congress because of fact they are able to allocate funds for each thing. subsequently the Guantanamo penitentiary continues to be open inspite of purely one hundred seventy prisoners. DICK is so precise. stick to the money path to Goldman Sachs

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    when people say they are pulling out.... not necessarily. we will keep alot of troops still there. like the korean war fought around world war 2. we still have troops there. and i am pretty darn sure we've got troops everywhere else on this planet "policing" the areas.

    we arnt pulling out for a while.

    and the iraq government probably couldnt fight against alkaida.

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