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what is the air like in the amazon rainforest?

this is for an assignment

I'm 14, so I don't need a full on scientific opinion, in other words if you know the answer to my question can you please give an answer that a 14 yr old can understand


WOW! that really helped, like i didn't think of that

the proper term for it is "humid"

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    The air temperature is usually lower than outside of the rainforest, it is usually humid, (having high water content for the temperature), It has a earthy and slight decaying smell - of rotting leaves and other detritus. It is not full of pollutants and so it is literally "a breath of fresh air".

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    Warm and Humid. Humidity between 80 to 100% of water vapour in the air. Plenty of rain fall is common in tropical climate. With lots of streams, rivers and green plants, the higher temperature causes the water to evaporate and saturate the air around thus making one feel warm and stuffy especially when one sweat and the sweat evaporates slowly since the air is already saturated with water.

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    if you want to no the facts you should look it up on the internet.

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