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Will a fox run with a coyote?

I know we have a red fox in the area, heard the sound of one or more wake us up with their screams and our dogs barking. But I also have scene coyotes in the past. The other day I thought I saw another coyote, bigger then the fox and more grey, no real red on the body. The very next day, saw them both running away across the field grey one in the lead and the red one about 10 ft behind keeping pace with it. Was that a coyote or a grey fox?

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    It is not uncommon for foxes to shadow larger predators. Foxes are opportunists who are looking to scavenge from any kill made by the larger predator. They don't really run together though. The coyote would be tolerant of the fox as long as it minds it's manners.

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    coyote will kill fox

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