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Why do people have an issue with teenage pregnacy?

And im speaking about the 16+yr, (who can legally get work)

I dont see whats wrong with it if they have a job and are supporting there child themselves, people will argue that they get benefits, but not ALL are like this, this is a stereotype. If they choose to have a baby at a young age, then that is their decision, and they have the right to do as they wish.

Man was made to procreate, so whats wrong with it? I dont get why people look down on them.

In terms of religion, it doesn't mention anywhere in The Bible that 16+ teens cant have baby's, but it says marriage must come first, but again, not all teenage pregnancy's are out of wedlock, teenage marriages are getting more and more common nowadays, and pregnancy then follows it, so yeah, another stereotype.



The Bible says noone but Jesus is without sin, so what is your point?

Update 2:


But how are you to know who is seeking benifits and who 'you are paying for'? Obviously you are just pre judging without knowing the true facts.

Again, I say not ALL, just like you said 'most'. Thats not all. So basically, whats your point?

How do you know it is most and not some?

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    Exactly. If they can & do support the child - what's the problem?

    BUT...I did see a Nat Geo special on eagles where an inexperience, young mother didnt know how to feed her chicks...they died...

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    Not w/ the Bible or religion thing.

    But i believe that there are reasons for it.

    First of all it doesn't mean that 16+ and can legally work can have enough money to sustain the baby's needs(education,food,health,shelter,insurance etc cost a LOT!) or even take care of herself.

    In addition talk about her own education and her opportunity because of that (what kind of job she'll have -Flip Burgers??)

    2nd - Most likely things get out of control, some [men] leave their girlfriends because they are afraid to take responsibilty.

    And Family Issues

    3rd: What about stability? so teenage pregnancy isn't a problem-I guess that's a good excuse for having accidents; also some people at that age still don't know what they really want; may consequently make some men[because avoid the responsibility much easier] more promiscuous (psychologically)

    4th: Imagine that in a family Parent who have daughters at the age of 16-18 are already grandparents -Seriously do you think that its the grandparents sole responsibility to take care of their grandchildren when they are still handling their own 16-18years old children.

    Imagine 25year old parents had their children; +18=43 they are grandparents already, +18 = 61 at sixtyone they are already great grandparents and consider them taking a huge burden because of it -If they weren't that rich then everything will come falling down even at the start of the 2nd generation.

    5th: Consider the fact that at that age we weren't able to have a long/lifetime commitment and usually people change from 1 relationship to the other. Come to think of it even people at 30 filed divorced against their spouses, what if the couple weren't that mature yet? (16years old?)

    6th: how much time of teenage parenting is used that is sacrificed for education

    Edit: yeah its not true facts, and i don't have the statistics to prove it, and i didn't used the word "MOST" that much.

    But how much is some? give a percentage? if you have a choice -would gamble the chance of risking the future of the "Some"

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    It has nothing to do with the bible or the fact that humans are made to procreate.

    Most teenaged mothers drop out of school. Because of this they either end up on Welfare (Depending if they're in the US or not), or minimum wage jobs where they can never succeed. They get credit for actually working and doing the best they can for the child, but chances are the child will follow the same pattern as their mother, possibly getting pregnant at a young age, or impregnating someone.

    I don't feel it's right that I should continually support a 16 year old child with a child on Welfare because she made a mistake and chose to have sex without thinking about the consequences.

    It's her child, not mine, and I don't want my tax dollars paying for a "whoopsie" child.

    Her responsibility.

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    There is NOTHING wrong with it.

    Religiously the only way it could be wrong is if the couple wasn't married.

    Generally you're talking about the "college is your future" idea.

    If you don't mind working a low end job for quite a while than there is NO problem.

    The only time it's not a smart idea when you are trying to pursue further education.

    Why? because of the money and the time detection.

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    I don't think that there is anything wrong with teen pregnancy if she/ he thinks that they are old enough and responsible enough to have sex and they do fall pregnant then yes they should be old enough and responsible enough to raise the child that they are about to have

    Some people do think it's a "sin" to have sex before marriage I did it, my parents insisted it was wrong I didn't think there was anything wrong with it I mean I loved the man I was sleeping with and he loved me why shouldn't we share that love by having sex???

    Each person has their own opinion and they're entitled to it, but it shouldn't affect other people judgement!

    Help others where you can but don't judge

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    it's not so much an issue I have with it, as being sad that they haven't really been teenagers, and been able to grow up slowly.

    Kids these days grow up far too quickly...for goodness sake you HAVE to grow up one day, but why in such a's not that fantastic having to be grown up at the end of the day, sometimes I'd love to be young again without all the worries and responsibilities a family brings (although I wouldnt change anything really) once you've got a family things change forever, why hurry it though?

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    I have been given pregnant while i grow to be sixteen and had an abortion. i'm unhappy that I did it yet specific am happy i finished severe college and commenced college in the previous I had a baby. Now I extremely have 2 infants and a staggering fiance a sturdy activity a sturdy place to stay the place i'm able to advance my infants.

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    I don't look down on them , I do however sympathize with them. When I see a 16 year old with a baby it makes me sad, because they never had the chance to enjoy their younger years before having to settle down. It also drives me nuts to see a teen mother pawn her baby off when the novelty wears off.

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    because sex outside marriage is sin

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