how to stand up to a bully who is also in my peer group?

Help me im getting annoyed of this person!!!

He always asks me money and when dont give him money he shakes our

table when no one gives him money. His not very good at school either

when one of us gets high scores he puts us down and always say to stop

studying so we could stoop down to his pathetic level and when we tell him off he tells everyone about us that is not true!!!

He always punches me thinking his superior to us!!!

That poor jerk!!!

His a former rich kid now his poor and he always drains our lunch money and make rude descriptions of us!!!

He always thinks that the ladies dig him but not every girl hates him because he's an insensitive jerk!!!

I want to stand up to him with class and dignity because every of my peers is nice except him and he always acts like the leader and i dont wanna be kicked out i want him to stop it or move to a different peer group and everyone in my peer group hates him!!! Tell me what to say and what to do.


i don't want to stand up to him physically just psychologically that will make him realize how wrong he is because i don't want to get into trouble.

Update 2:

i keep saying no always but he is just so annoying and threatens to spill our drinks on our clothes during lunch when do not give him money and i always ask the girls what they think about him and its always negative because he's so mean and he's not physically superior than me he is the same size as me

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    When he asks for money calmly tell him that you don't submit to blackmail and if he continues he will not be welcome by the group. When he starts putting you down laugh at him and tell him how sorry you are that he isn't smart enough to do what you do.

    You will be surprised at how many in the group will follow your lead.

    Don't let this idiot make your life miserable.

    If this group goes along with him then they are not the people you want to be with anyway. There are other groups out there believe me and they will welcome you given half a chance.

    You don't have time for this kind of behavior. We teach people how to treat us and at this point you are teaching him that this is cute and acceptable when it is not. Get rid of him

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    That sounds like someone I know I think he just cant help it maybe you could say NO I am not going to give you money because its mine if you want money ask your parents and if he says all the girls like me say no one does because you are so mean if maybe you could be nicer then maybe someone might like you

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    If you are afraid of him, just build up your strength by collecting your like minded friends. This is a struggle where only the fittest has a right to win.

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    People like him are used to getting their own way, chances are he's never had a fight in his life, stand up to him and he'll back down. If he doesn't back down keep going at him and eventually he'll realise that your superior to him

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    Fight back get a group of people who are being bullied by him and beat him up or just tell him to go away or you will beat him up he is probably a big pussy and as soon as someone who is bigger than him picks on him he act like a coward

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