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27 weeks preg -and light headed- nearly fainting. please answer!?

has anyone ever felt like this - it feels like youre not breathing and you go all lightheaded and theres a weird feeling going from your head to your stomach.

it first started when i went for a trip to america in september- i was about 18 weeks and was hot so i went all fainted twice waiting for a ride. i didnt do it since but today i got in work and it just happened.

i had to go outside for fresh air - and then i was fine. my colour came back..

whats wrong with me.. is this normal - it never happened at all before pregnancy!

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    This is very common during pregnancy. There are many reasons why this could happen - a sudden dip in your blood sugar levels, or a dip in your blood pressure. It may even be anxiety attacks, or lack of oxygen caused by the growing baby pushing on your diaphragm.

    Try to keep a salty snack with you in case this happens again. You should also mention this to your doctor when you go for your next appointment.

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    This is very common in pregnancy so don't worry.

    I fainted twice in my second pregnancy and the first time was very scary.

    Keep a couple of biscuits in your bag with you as it may be a drop in blood sugars, keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water, squash and/or juice too.

    I felt very faint if i stood up for long periods of time too so make sure you rest and have a little sit down as soon as you feel giddy.

    Visiting your health visitor/midwife is a good idea if it's really concerning you, you wouldn't be wasting their time as that's what they're there for.


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    I am 33 weeks and get light headed quite often. My doctor said it is due to the fact that your blood volume doubles during pregnancy and sometimes your body has trouble adjusting to the additional blood flow, which can cause your blood pressure to drop suddenly making you to feel faint.

    Feeling dizzy and light headed is very normal during pregnancy and my doctor said it's nothing to worry about. However, he did say that I should call him if I actually do faint. So if you do faint, you probably should mention it to your doctor.

    Best of luck to you and the little one.

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