The time has come to take revenge on him. Help appreciated?

Quick overview. Met this guy in a bar. Hes 30. builder. no education. 7 yr old daughter. fat. we exchanged numbers,we went on a few dates to the cinema, a few nights out, met a few of his friends n stuff.eventually he startd callin me his girlfriend.we slept together. then hes gotten less texts, less texts,not affectionate anymore, didnt see him for 3 weeks, always 'busy' hes stopped textin altogether. not heard from him in days.feel like an idiot;ive been used for sex.i cant just sit back&let him get away with it. not just for me,but i am strongly of the opinion men like that must not get away with treating women badly. Any ideas on what I could do? Be creative;nothing is too wild. i'll do anything to get my own back on this neanderthol.

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    Any revenge tactics could backfire on you - revenge is just so childish. Why are you interested in playing these games with someone who is not interested in you? You seem more upset that you gave yourself to him, so the better question would be WHY did you agree to have sex? He is not "getting away" with anything - you consented!!! Did he tell you that the two of you would be together forever?

    Let it go and move on already. There are plenty of others that you can meet and build a real relationship with. Don't have sex with them until you have a real committment (like a ring on your finger or after the marriage ceremony) if you are gonna feel "used" afterward!

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    You were having a good time with him, liked him so much that you slept with him, a few times from the sound of it. It has not worked out, he should have met you to drop you, but he is doing it by example rather than face to face. Such is life, but does not deserve revenge.

  • It is said that God has given sixth sense to girls and receive inner voice at the time of choosing from point of own protection but in your case in a bar your physical emotions have prevailed upon your voice and intelligence.Any human starts understanding how to listen inner voice normally they have hardly a time to repent. Leave him and be cool now and start your actions using that voice and mind to be safe in selecting friends.

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    You set yourself up for disappointment.

    1. meeting a guy in a bar is your 1st mistake.

    2. no education means he doesn't have ambition.

    3. fat, he has no self respect.

    He used you, you fell for a loser.

    he made you no promises, so get up, dust yourself off, and learn from your mistake!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Let it go. He didn't force you to do anything. Suck it up, you screwed up, get over it.

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