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Can someone answer me this it's about weight ....? pls soon?

Ok, it's like this:

When I was on vacation I was 2 kg. less maybe 3 ( and I was eating 2 pic-es toast bread as breakfast , french fries for lunch and for dinner + I was eating one Kinder Bueno at a day ) and now when I am back I put 4 kg . ( gain ) and I don't get it ?

I exercise every day ( regularly) ?! Why this is happening ?

the reason?

now I eat 1 cookie for breakfast, 1 piece bread for lunch and 1 for dinner ( sometimes for dinner I just eat Jogobela or something like that )

help me pls soon soon


p.s. I am 47kg. now ; I was 44 or 43 at vacation

thanks and soon pls pls

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    Because when you were eating your body didn't go into starvation mode like it has now, and burnt all the calories.

    Now, instead of burning the fat it's eating up muscle to conserve energy.

    And if you really exercise as hard as you say you do, it's all muscle weight.

    Remember, muscle tissue weighs a lot more than fat. So you're maybe burning off fat but toning the muscle, therefore "putting on weight" but not actually getting fat.

    I'd suggest you stop eating cookies and bread and eat some nutritious.

    Stop being silly.

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    The reason why you gained the weight is because you are forcing your body to go into starvation mode. What this means is that anything you eat, your body tries to hold onto it for as long as it can because it is starving. This is why you have gained the weight. The weight you have lost is due to muscle loss and not fat loss. When the body enters this mode, it retains fat and feeds on the muscle. Eat healthy, eat often and be satisfied with who you are.

    Another possibility is that your body is gaining some muscle from exercise. Since muscle weighs more than fat, these temporary gains are not uncommon. Weight is just a number, but being shallow is more visible than a second head.

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    When I came home from camp, I weighted 129 lbs. I used to weight 116 lbs. My doctor told me to drink Aquafina Flavor Splash! It has no calories, 0 sugars. NOTHING!!! I drank it at least 3 or 4 times a day! Just continue to eat whatever u eat, but drink the water!!! with breakfast, lunch and dinner and in the middle of the day when ur thirsty. It totally fills u up!!! I started to drink it in OCT of last year, by the time DEC, JAN rolled in, I weight 125lbs. now I weight at least between 120-123 lbs. and i still eat junk food at school!! Good luck!!!

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    You might have been dehydrated on your holiday and this would cause the apparent weight loss, but fluid loss is not really weight loss. are you healthy being only 47kg?

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    Please don't be so silly not eating properly. You should have three balanced meals a day and still exercises daily but not excessively as this can also be harm full.

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    How tall are you?

    Cos if you're quite tall and 47 you will have a slow metabolism and that'd explain it.

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