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I Am 5'8 And A Half And I Am 18 Years Old, Am I Short?

I Just Turned 18 Back In August And I Am 5'8 And A Half. I Am A Pakistani-American And Am South Asian By Decent. Is There Any Chance For Me To Grow Up To 5'10 Or 5'11?

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    Yes there is a good chance you will grow 2 to 4 more inches. Boys don't stop growing until they are around 20 or 21 where girls quit growing about the age of 13. Good luck hope you grow another 2 to 4 inches. However 5'8" is not considered short. It is a good height.

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    no way ur not short hahahhahaah that's a nice height

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    you are not short!!

    well, says me who is 4'11"...

    and yes you have a chance of growing taller!! ^^

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