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What is animal quarantine? difference between quarantine and isolation HELLLLLP :(?

Im writing a report on it and dont understand, help pleasee. points given for best answer straight away if good xxx

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    Quarantine is the holding of animals for a period of time until their disease status to some predetermine level of confidence is reached.

    Isolation is putting animals in a separate room or building until used.

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    Quarantine is a form of isolation. They isolate the animal long enough so if it has any diseases, there is time for the symtoms to present themselves. If the time period passes and so symptoms present, then the animal can leave. It is a way of ensuring that no exotic diseases are brought into the country.

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    Quarantining an animal is stricter than just isolating it. Records must be kept of who enters/exits the building/room it is being kept in, and no one is to disturb it.

    Isolating an animal is just putting it off by itself, i.e. sorting out a calf from the herd and penning it because it looks sick. It's usually just to keep a common illness (like upper respiratory) from spreading among a group.

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    Because many diseases require time to incubate and show symptoms, quarantine would require separation from domestic stock (pets, etc.) during a period of careful observation for suspected disease, possibly including specific tests. Isolation may be required during quarantine but observations may not be required during isolation.

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    quarantine is when you can put a group of sick animals, or specific areas in isolation. isolation is when you strickly put one animal so to say in a confined area!! hope that answers your question

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