Good PC, Bad performance?

I bought this new pc a year ago or so, it has dual core 3GHz processor (it shows 3Ghz two times when i click properties on my computer), 1Gb of RAM, 256 video card.

Well when i first bought it, it worked perfect, i mean, oblivion hardly had any lagg on almost perfect grafic, and gothic III worked lagless on average grafics, but nowadays this pc doesn't seem to work right, i mean, now even gothic 1 lags :(, and gothic III has like 10Frames/second if not less on the lowest grafics, i mean wtf? I already reinstalled the windows once, and it still works crapp! Plz some1 tell me the problem...

PS: Maybe this is the problem, my partition, D, has 107Gb of space, when i reinstalled windows D had 60Gb ocupied, and when i reinstalled windows i left the other partitions alone, D and E, and only erased C, is that the problem? Should i erase all this time? thx


BTW how can i check if one of the computer componets is dying? thx guyz

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    I suggest a fresh start, reformat windows and put it into a single partition, install the latest graphical drivers and such, then turn off the pc and open it up, use a can of compressed air or a paintbrush and carefully clear out all the dust, dust = slower fan speed and less air circulation, this means parts overheat and slow down considerably.

    If this still doesn't work then it could be a failing graphics card or another component, though it is most likely an air circulation problem or a dying graphics card.

    I highly suggest a can of cheap compressed air as a paintbrush can lose hairs and clog things such as bearings, but if you are careful you should be fine, just DO NOT cram the paintbrush in, just use it to wipe down the fan blades and such, and LIGHTLY brush it over the motherboard, the board contains lots of circuitry and breaking it isn't going to help, but a soft brush and going over carefully should be fine, I do it all the time.

    Dont forget to brush down the sides of your case, inside and out. :)

    Be sure you do a full format and not a quick format, otherwise old junky files could still be left behind.

    if all else fails find a local tech head and have them look at it personally, there is no substitute to looking at a pc directly.

    I know this sounds dangerous but it isn't, im simply saying be careful, take your time and dont rush to get it done quick. :)

    Good luck.

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    Reformat your partition that your games are on and then do a reinstall of your games. That should do the trick. Also make sure your file system is set to NTFS. Also, I would put another 1 GB stick of RAM in your system. RAM is really cheap now even the PC6400 stuff.

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    I doubt anyone can solve your problem based on the infomation you just provided.

    1. My advice, repartition your hdd into one. Multi partition on a single hdd does slow your pc.

    2. One or more of your hardware might be headed to a failure. Listen for any unusual noise, your hdd might be dying.

    If it's not your hdd then the issue can be .............well.............anything. If you are not qualified to tinker with your pc yourself, you will need professional help. Or maybe the next door neighbour with the whiz kid can help.

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