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sick of hearing about climate change?

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    How climate really works

    The truth about Co2 and how plant food became the worlds devil gas.

    Why solar and other external forces have a larger effect on climate than Co2.

    Fact is that it is the AGW promoters and faithful that are preventing practical alternatives from being implemented for over 30 years now. If it were not for the people crying wolf about the environment coal and gas fired generators would be ancient history not current technology. So place the blame on the greens and the democrats for the crisis not those that wanted to go the high tech route 30 years ago and were told coal and oil were more dependable by the same ones now crying crocodile tears over the environment. They caused it we skeptics only want to fix it.

    Added thought

    Another missed point is that Al Gore has 1,000 times the investment in oil and coal company stocks than Bush does. Could this be the reason he is anti nuclear and anti space based solar because it would reduce his oil and coal income. Also could our being unprepared to deal with global cooling be because he hopes to profit greatly from his fossil energy stocks.

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    It's not going away anytime soon, and we've not got a handle on it yet by any means, so no, I'm not sick of hearing about it. In fact, I've got the following books on my reading list in my quest to learn in more detail about the topic, from an assortment of authorities:

    Heat, by George Monbiot

    Fixing Climate by Wallace S. Broecker & Walter Kunzig

    The Way the Wind Blows: Climate Change, History, & Human Action, by Roderick McIntosh and

    The California Deserts: An Ecological Rediscovery by Bruce Pavlik.

    It's a topic to learn about and follow so that when decisions are made, and action taken, you know what's going on and how that might help matters.

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    Yeah and what's with hearing the word 'fabled' every time a 'documentary' talks about the North West Passage - Like their trying to unwrite history don't like to admit that for a time, the Arctic was passable to ships early in the 20th century.

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    I am more tired of hearing what I should or shouldn't do, according to 'certain peoples' opinions':

    like Sheryl Crow telling everybody that 1 square of toilette paper is more than enough, maybe 2 on occasions, yeah right!

    I can't even go the bathroom w/o being told how to do it......

    If I had to put a face to global warming, it would be my mother in law's, it couldn't have a better representation (shhhhhhhhh, fyi: she isn't nice and I don't like her)

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    Yep. Sick of all of the globalist propaganda, including climate change.

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    It's been old for a while.

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    Yes, I am.


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    No, not really.

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