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How to loose stomach fat. I'm 17?

I'm seventeen, fairly thin. 101 pounds. But i have some extra flab on my stomach. I don't want to be anorexic skinny.. i'm happy with my curves. I just want to have a nice stomach... Will running, or going for walks help this or no? I know sit ups will help, but i have a very bad back so it hurts to do sit ups. What can i do to help this, in a healthy way without pills etc.

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    running and ab workouts. Wake up and do push ups and sit ups. Run a few miles after school. Walk to as many places as you can. When you are at the computer, do more push ups and sit ups. It keeps the blood flowing and engages the muscles. And a girl can't build muscle mass without the help of supplements. So don't worry about gaining any mass. The more things you do in your spare time, the better. Do lower back exercises, like laying on your stomach and raising your legs and chest, to help build strength in your lower back. Running will help with your lower back. Go for time, not speed. That will burn more calories.

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    bike riding is the best it will help your legs, thighs, but and sides and it's more fun than running working on your sides helps with the middle. also, tuck your tummy in as you walk around, that helps tighten the muscles. Don't wear panty girdles or things like that as they let your muscles be lazy.

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    Go to the Gym

    Good luck

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    ride a bike

    Source(s): it helped my older brother
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