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Help understanding hi/low games of Omaha, etc.?

I play poker a lot, but its usually hold em and 7 card. We never do anything fancy on the pots. Now the guys are into hi/low splits and I don't understand that/nor do I like it so much. So in Omaha, for instance... I guess I use my two cards and three board cards and try to have the crappiest 5 cards possible under 8. Is this correct?

My question is... does it have to be a hand... such as 2 pair, or a straight... or can it just be a bunch of scattered low cards... like say 1 3 678? My guess is that it has to be a hand. Clarify if you know

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    The above answer is correct for Omaha. Your question was Omaha, etc. So different games may have different rules for the low.

    But in Omaha Hi/Low, you need 5 "scattered' as you said) low cards. No pairs. 8 or lower. So if there isn't 3 low cards on the board, there will not be a low hand.

    Also, you can use two cards from your hand for a low, but can use two different cards from your hand to make the high.

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    any cards 8 and under. straights and flushes don't matter. The best possible low hand is A2345 doesn't matter the suits or that it is a Straight it is the nuts low. Low hands CANNOT have a pair. if there is no hands that consist of 5 different numbers 8 or under the low hand is DQ ed and all the money in the pot goes to the high hand.

    I hope this helps for more info go to wikipedia

    Good Luck

    Source(s): many hours at the tables actually i am playing PLO H/L right now LOL
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