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what does a husband like in a wife?what are the best character thats attracts the men aside from the body.?

cause my husband told me that most men who are married have a mistress or 3rd party coz they like the young,beautiful.some like the character not looking at the apperance of the you have also an idea where i could seek an internet where alot of this topics are related?send me too.thank you..

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    Simplicity, modesty, amicability, co-operation, obedience in all right things, wisdom, efficiency in household affairs, capability of budget making, expenditure control, money saving habit, first aid knowledge & small simple tips for managing day today small health problems by home remedial methods, not having talkative nature, not all the time fun loving, tact of talking pleasing husband at home in all matters, constantly loving him, high sex drive, taking regular care of fulfiling his sexual desires like providing regular tasty food & God fearing heart & mind. I'm sorry, I can't tell you the web sites address on this topic which you can search on 'Google' b coz this topic is so common that I don't need any separate study.

    Your husband's observation is not correct in general.

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    Oh its bullcrap that "most" husbands have a mistress. Only 1 in 5 married men cheat (with a mistress, prostitute etc), so that leaves it as a minority.

    As to what are the best character that attracts the men aside from the body? Self confidence, Not a ***** style self confidence thing but being comfortable in your own skij (this includes time in the sack).

    No doubt you have heard that men are visual creatures but it isn't simply body type that gets us going. I'll take the slightly pudgy woman who enjoys sex, who isn't ashamed of her body and makes things interesting than a so called goddess who has some mental hang-up about the way she looks (so she is busy hiding her body with the lights turned off, wearing a non sexy clothing or shirt to cover up, kind of just lays there etc.)

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    Most men I know do NOT have mistresses. If you are married to a real man... not a boy traped in a man's body... then I would say the following:

    A man wants woman that truely loves him for who he is... not what he looks like or how much money he has A man wants a woman that is true to him in every way. He wants her to be his partner through this life... and to handle her end of the marriage... and to work work together to meet thier goals in this life.

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    True, most men who are married, do have a mistress, but not all men, tell him next time to not generalize all men. Thank you.

    Are you looking for a site that explains why men cheat, or do you want to see cheating men??

    I do not know of any site that has an explanation as to why men cheat, but if you think yours is cheating, then I am sorry.

    Some men do cheat for different reasons, but not all.

    It could be they are going through a mid-life crises, or they are just tired and bored with their lives, and they are looking for something to "spice" up their lives.

    There are all sorts of reasons why men cheat.

    Eventually, if they do, then they have to remember what goes around, comes around.

    Source(s): They will get caught.
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    only clowns have a mistress or 3rd party. that is not acceptable in many cultures. though some may find youth and beauty important, those seem superficial and fleeting to me. find yourself a man with character and honor, and it will go much deeper than simple surface age and looks.

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    He is full of bull manure....that married men have a mistress. He is trying to brain wash you into thinking this is ok...It's not. Knowing he feeling this way, why would you want to attract him,. He is going to screw around on you regardless of what you do to attract him. I would find me a one way ticket anywhere, as long as I wasn't with Fido.

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    I agree with everyone else. Polygamy is for Mormons. If he wants to have a mistress, then he shouldn't mind if you have an affair with another man...

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    Intelligence, integrity, discretion and the ability to listen. Too many people (and not only women) forget they have two ears and one mouth.

    Source(s): None just personal experience
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    Your husband should like you for you. If he doesn't, get divorced and either find a better man or be happy to have yourself.

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    personality and looks?

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