I need a 12v battery w/ very high amps. Do they make 12v batteries w/ lets say, 50 or more amps?

I am charging my 12v batteries w/ my 60 watt solar panel, and I need to power a water distiller thats 850w at 4 hours to distil 1 gallon. How many amps would I need, and whats the best way to do this, is there 12v batteries that I can run in parallel to get the amps up? Also, I am using a 1200watt inverter to invert from 12v dc to 110-120v ac. I know I can't run them in series, it would probly blow the inverter, but any answers will be good.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well.... garden tractor batteries are 50 amps... but for the same price you can get a car battery thats good for 250-300 amps. For your particular app I would get a deep cycle marine battery.

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