Why are people so judgemental?

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    People make choices and decisions naturally as part of life. They must use judgement to determine the best choice, just as other animals in nature must choose whether something is bad or good for them (i.e. Is this toxic or non-toxic to my well being?). People, normally, do not have problems when positive judgements have been made or stated. When someone discovers a fault within another person this is considered negative. This is a hypocrisy. Concealment of true feelings has become a sought after skill.

    This leads to other dilemnas. If everyone is intelligent, talented, and loaded with potential why does failure occur? Why do we have the necessity to rely on legality when these failures occur?

    "Fear of being judgemental leads to an aversion of facing unpleasant truth."

    People with strong opinions are often seen as overbearing or arrogant. They may be merely voicing the rationality involved in good decision making.

    "There is a difference between being tactless and being judgemental. This distinction has somehow been lost. Any disagreement is apt to be seen through a lens of uncooperativeness, intolerance, or hostility."

    Political Correctness (PC) is the wording we use for the set of norms that minimize offense based on our judgements, and is used in the protection of feelings. Protecting feelings of others is ethically considered good.

    "It is dangerous, and a waste of talent, to confuse opinion, or judgement, with the kind of blowhard tactics of those who find fault in everything and condemn not only the issue but the person. If a high benchmark is sought, whatever does not meet the required standard should be rejected."

    "We all, openly or clandestinely, make positive and negative judgments. Pretending we are not judgemental will lead to time-wasting, inefficiency and hopeless clutter. Perhaps the simplest guideline is to clear up the difference in our own minds between evaluation/judgment and gratuitous bigotry/condemnation!"

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    Hurting people, hurt people.

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