Obama to close Guantanamo to restore USA's stature in the world?

Living in Scotland I cant help but think that this is a huge mistake

Here in the UK our prisoners live life way more luxurious than most people outside, they have every whim taken care of

One of the most impressive things about the USA is their prison system and their ability to treat criminals as such

his quote

"He later confirmed that he intended to close the detention centre at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, and "make sure that we don't torture".

"Those are part and parcel of an effort to regain America's moral stature in the world," he explained."

Am i the only one who thinks this action will do the exact opposite of what he is trying to achieve?

Or is he supported in this?


I think you missed my point Jeremy, the rest of the world dont see it as a tarnished image, we respect your country for their system,

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    The vast majority of Americans really don't know what Guantanamo is. They have an image (due to the media) that it's dark dungeon type below ground cells with wooden rack tables and chains hanging from the ceilings and lit with torches. And the moment a prisoner enters the facility, the screams of pain start. They don't know that much of the information there is obtained through a great variety of trickery that requires time. And only the most ruthless and truly human hating individuals must suffer an orchestrated series of oppressive measures to find out where the others of that kind are, are subject to harsher measures. Obama wants to automatically grant American citizen rights to terrorists. Weird, huh.

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    I would rally like to know how many people who say that the USA has to take steps to restore our good standing with the rest of the world has ever been out of the country and talked to people about how they feel about us. I have to believe that most of them get their ideas here on Y/A or another forum from people who have got their information from some else who had no real facts to go on.

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    During the campaign both Obama and McCain promised to close Guantanamo and to prohibit torture by Americans. These measures are indeed designed to help rehabilitate our tarnished image. You and perhaps Goerge Bush may indeed be the only ones who think these actions will do the opposite.

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    I agree with you. Trying to appear to the "rest of the world" as nice guys will appear to most as folly and to our enemies as weakness.

    We should have shot these guys and left them rotting on the battlefields.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh dont worry. Believe me, Obama is not stupid. Gitmo will close and everyone there will be prosecuted but more secret prisons will open, I can promise that.

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