Second Life players-- is the game for free?

I really want to play Second Life soon, and the site says it's free but I've heard you've got to pay.

I don't mind paying a little but I need to know.

Also, what's with all the technical problems? I never got my confirmation email.

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    Yes, that starting region thing is a pain - it hates email addresses like Yahoo and Gmail. The default starting region is OK though, so skip the starting region step and go to the default. For that just begin a new account with a new Yahoo email address.

    Money in SL is reasonably cheap to buy. $4.80 will buy you L$1000. There are lots of high quality freebies these days though so you can explore SL in reasonable style while you decide if it's for you.

    There are no monthly fees for SL unless you decde you want to pay them. What you get for a monthly fee is a small weekly money allownce, full tech supprt (the SL tech support system is useless) and the ability to buy what is called 'Linden Land'.

    Owning full sized regions in SL is expensive and not really worth considering unless you are rolling in cash in real life, or you have an SL business that is making enough money to cover the monthly tier (currently around US $400 I think).

    How much you spend in SL is entirely up to you. Some people spend lots of money on SL each month - others spend nothing at all. I used to spend at least $80 a month on SL, but the exchange rate between UK pounds and US dollars is really bad at the moment and the cost of living in the UK has skyrocketted, so I haven't bought SL money for around 2 months. Do I still have fun in SL without money? Yes I do. I have made a lot of great friends from all over the world and I pop my head round the door at least once a day to say hi to my SL friends.

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    Second Life is "technically" free: you can explore the world at not cost. But to buy things, clothes, hair, etc you will need to obtain Lindens. This can be done by either purchasing them through Lindex ( $20 will get you about 5,000 Lindens.)

    You can also get a job in world: Neva Naughty is always hiring dancers. Use Search > Places > Neva Naughty and visit them. They also have freebies to get you started so you dont have to spend Linden off the bat and can get a real feel for the game.

    As for the technical issues, did you check your spam folder? Maybe just try signing up again. But this time skip the step where they ask you select a starting region...

    Follow this link:

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