36 weeks pregnant and need answers....HELP?

I am 36 weeks pregnant and have started bleeding just a little...its not a brownish tint though its just a reddish pinkish tint....I did have intercourse around about 4 am this morning...then afterwards is when I noticed the bleeding after i peed..it was on the toilet paper....it's 6:30 am now and the bleeding is still there...I have a pain in my stomach...which feels like the baby is in one big knot....is this normal...I have a dr appt. Wed. which is when he will return from his vacation...should I wait this long or go to the dr ASAP Thanks....serious answers only!!!


I can still feel the baby kicking every now and then...so I know she is ok....

Update 2:

I have noticed it has like a mucusy texture kinda like snot....

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    Could be your mucus plug going. Have you noticed any jelly like material too?

    I had little spotting and then later lots of jelly then labour came just an hour after that. BUT we are different so maybe ask to see a different Dr or your midwife

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    Thats totally normal, the baby starts getting his position to make his way through the birth canal. However, it can still be a few weeks before labor starts. I started dropping around 36 weeks too and my son was born 3 days after his due date

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    get to a doctor or hospital ASAP!! like, get up and go right now. you never want to play around or slack off getting help when you notice bleeding at anytime during pregnancy. please please please go! my ob has told me that if i notice ANY amount of blood to get to the hospital immediately. its much better to be safe than sorry. because IF there is something wrong, you don't want to have waited too long to fix the problem and end up having even more. good luck to you!!

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    I really think you should ring the hospital now. The midwives /doctors will talk through your symptoms with you & say whether you need to go in or not. You can not ignore this... You really need to ring & find out what you should do.

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    hi babe

    any bleeding in pregnacey is serious i would go to the doctors asap they could send you to hospital

    when i had slight bleeding the doctor took me to hospital if you have pain i would just go to hospital

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    Call your doctor!!! There will be someone covering for them!!!

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