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My hamster hadn't given birth yet...why?

I bred my hamsters about 17 days ago.She hasn't given birth yet.And i don't see any dramatic change in her body size.Why?She don't look pregnant?Any sure fire way to know if she's really pregnant?I am almost sure I bred her with my male hamster...Is it possible that she's not pregnant and I have to do the whole mating process again?..Any advise?


She did "freeze" adn the male mounted her.They mated and the male washed himslef after he mated with her.I left her in the male's cgae for about 30 minutes.They mated several times

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    She should be getting bigger.. pick her up and feel her lower stomach. you should be able to feel lumps. If she is pregnant she should deliver anywhere between 17-25 days. She will only deliver if she feels safe and warm. she does it on her own time... mainly at night.

    Source(s): Experiance. I started with 2 hamsters and ended up with 18!! We bred them 3 times.
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    It's very possable your hamster wasn't pregnant. Not all matings result in babies.

    Hamster's come into season every four days at about 8-10pm , your female will be very active when in season. Place her in the males cage, if she is ready, she will "freeze" so the male can mate with her.

    If it is successful, you female hamster will give birth in 16 days. If not, try using another male.

    Source(s): Breeder and exhibitor of small rodents
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    I dont know how to care hamster but i know hamster and pigs are almost likely in caring ,for my suggestion i will give this information to beterinarian.the animal doctors.

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    Could it be that she doesn't get pregnant easily just like some women don't? Do you know that she was ovulating?

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    if you don't even know how to tell if a hamster is pregnant, maybe you shouldnt be breeding them.

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