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removing armpit hair?

whats the best way to remove it?

im 14 and a bit new to this, and im a bit conscious of wearing sleeve-less tops. i shaved my armpits tonight but theres still ingrown hairs. i shaved in all 4 directions.

should i shave then pluck? or what?


if i wax, how long do the hairs have to be?

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    me personally, i shave- waxing works great and looks amazing- BUT IT KILLS!!!!! NEVER pluck.... youll get red lumos and infect your hair folicals.... always moisturize after shaving- never spray body spray on freshly shaved armpits- deoderant roll on is fine though!

    please dont wax your own armpits- mine bled and bruised when i did it!

    ALSO ingrown hairs are normally kept under the skin by a thin layer of outer skin- try to exgfoliate with a gentle scrub.... this will stop the bugers!

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    omg PLEASE wax them!!! I've always waxed them it hurts but is over in like half a second and it's definitely worth it!!!

    It lasts ages and when a few hairs come up you can just pluck them and can wait even longer to wax them again

    DON'T SHAVE it'll get all irritated and you'll get all ingrown hairs and besides everytime you shave you are shaving skin off, and that's not good considering your underarms are already very sensitive

    you can still get ingrown hairs when you wax but it's MUCH more comfortable than shaving and better for your skin

    after you wax put some aloe vera after waxing stuff on them if they feel a bit irritated

    and once the hair starts to come up use one of those glove thingys you know that you use to get rid of dried skin. use that on your underarms it will prevent any ingrown hairs

    Hope i helped and wasn't confusing =D

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    Pl. go for waxing. waxing is the best way to remove the armpit hairs.

    Enjoy Life

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    go waxing shaving any thing its better if you wax and cut them every 4 hours

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    Shave them or wax.

    Waxing hurts like hell but it'll remove the hair physically.

    Trust me -- No one is staring at your arm pits.

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    I like Veet! It doesnt set me on fire like nair

    If you don't have any I would shave, plucking sounds painful in that area lol

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    go to beauty parlour & wax your underarms, it will pain initially 1st time but trust me me it is the best way to remove, if you try this your skin even wont turn dark.

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