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Extremely sensitive? Sexual abuse?

I've always been really sensitive "down there". When I first started interacting sexually with guys I noticed it, that if I got fingered it would really hurt and even oral is too painful or sensitive to continue to climax.

Sometimes I just go through the uncomfortable sensitivity and eventually I get there, but I feel like it shouldn't hurt or be uncomfortable. It's not my boyfriend, I trust and love him and sex is fine. Same with my ex. If I touch myself it's alright because I guess I can gauge my own feelings toward pressure etc, but I can't stand being touched by anyone else.

I was sexually abused as a child, could this be why I'm especially sensitive?


I did see a therapist until I was 16, but since I wasn't sexually active then this particular problem didn't arise. I do have PTSD so could this possibly be another form of flashback or trigger? Subconsciously I guess?

Anyway, thanks for everyone's answers, I wasn't sure about posting this and everyone really helped.

Update 2:

Oh and my boyfriend does everything right, that's what's so confusing. It's not like he's rough or anything, I guess it must be psychological.

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    i got abused too and yes, i think it could be to do with that. your body could just be naturally reacting to the situation by puting up defensive barriers, by making you feel pain when it happens so that you'll discontinue. it's like a trigger?

    this is indicated seeing as when you do it it's fine for you, so i don't think it's a physical thing, perhaps more of a mental one?

    or maybe the guys aren't doing it the right way? if you feel comfortable enough to do this, maybe take your guys hand and show him how or tell him how, then if it still hurts, you'll know it's mental

    have u ever discussed the abuse with a therapist? if you haven't, i'd suggest that you do :)

    or if you feel you can't do that, here's a great site for you to feel free to chat on, i'm there almost every day so feel free to drop by



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    Maybe your mind is telling you that it's painful because it brings back those memories.

    You could always talk to a therapist and they might be able to help you through childhood trauma and such.

    I'm really sorry that happened to you.

    I hope all goes well for you.

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    The sexual sensitivity very from person to person. It depends on the harmon level of individual person.

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