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Have you tried lighterlife or a meal replacement diet and did weight stay of?

Hi I am 42 years old and tierd of being overweight. I am 3.5 stone over weight and want it to go now. I am looking at different programmes and would love to hear from people who have tried this type of diet.

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    my brother did weight watchers and lost 8 stone & has kept it off by continuing to eat healthy, you can eat anything on weight watchers because it goes by a points value, every kind of food has its own points value which is measured by the calories and saturated fat (you get a points card which tells you all of this and its really easy to use). good luck

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    definite and no. meal alternative shakes do basically basically that: they replace nutrients with a drink rather of foodstuff. what concerns in dropping weight is what share energy you devour. in case you devour much less energy you will drop some pounds, however if the energy come from a shake or real foodstuff. the only ingredient shakes are sturdy for is convenience, like in case you elect to have a 'meal on the bypass'. in any different case, in case you devour some foodstuff that has the comparable quantity of energy it is the comparable ingredient. i elect to advise you devour frozen nutrients like lean delicacies and healthy determination. they have so plenty extra form than purely a milkshake and are extra filling/relaxing. in addition they inform you precise on the field what share energy are in each and each meal. that's what i do and characteristic so a techniques lost fifty 5 pounds.

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