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where could i get a cheap airflight from perth-australia to frankfurt-germany?

im 16 years old, im going for a holiday and i dont need any hotel combination because ill be living with family members.

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    Type in your information for Perth to Frankfurt in the search window here. CheapO is a great site to try for flights. They get data from various sources, and have been a Hitwise winner three consecutive times. They guarantee that the fare is the lowest available price on the web for that airline, on the date and times chosen.

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    Fares vary with departure dates.

    If u r leaving PER on Thu, Dec 18, 2008

    the cheapest 1-way fare is US$ 1363.17 (=

    AUD 2075.45) (incl. taxes & fees) by Qantas

    via Singapore. Total Trip Time: 24hr 00min.

    PER - SIN QF77 Thu, Dec 18 01:15p

    SIN - FRA QF5 Thu, Dec 18 11:05p

    Result obtained from the "Vayama" search

    engine in the website referred below.

    If u r leaving PER on Mon, 22 Dec, 2008

    the cheapest 1-way fare is US$ 1327.53 (=

    AUD 2021.20) (incl. taxes & fees) by Thai

    Airways / Austrian Airlines via Bangkok &

    Vienna. Total Trip Time: 25hr 45min

    Result obtained from "cheapOair" search

    engine in the website referred below.


    PER - BKK Thai Airways Flt 998 05:50p 22Dec, Mon

    BKK - VIE Austrian Airlines Flt 26 11:55 22Dec, Mon

    VIE - FRA Austrian Airlines Flt 121 07:05 23Dec, Tue

    You can browse, compare and book online.

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    You may try few of the best online travel sites for cheap flights like www.expedia.com, www.cheapoair.com, www.onetravel.com, www.priceline.com.

    Good Luck !

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