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Why does my cat sit by the window staring out at birds with her mouth open, teeth rattling..?

..making an eerie whining sound?


Maybe if I add details it will post.

Update 2:

Maybe if I add details it will post.

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  • Cow
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    you mean chatter? My cay does this all the time and it kinda of like he talking to the birds, or what every he sees, he's watching

    "Chattering teeth – Have you ever seen a cat watching a bird through a window? It’s body tenses up, the bird is fixed with a constant stare and then quite strangely the cat begins to chatter its teeth and emit a strange rattling noise.

    This is known as a vacuum reaction. The cat has become so engrossed in the sight of it’s prey, that it starts to imagine that it has already caught the prey and is killing the animal with it’s bite.

    The cat has a very distinct way of biting its prey, which ensures a quick death with little risk to it’s self. This biting action is similar to the chattering teeth motion you see at the window."

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My cat done this, it is there wild nature to try and calm and atract the birds as much as possible making them easer to catch.

    You may find that if the birds are near they will calm down and become (in a way) in a trance.

    and sometimes the same bird will return a few times before being caught, or the cat will compleeeetly ignor them and simply walk away (for some reason, wich i am unsure of) no matter how hungry they may be.

    Sory this is a long answer but i wanted to help as much as possible, I hope this does help.

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    Cats are natural predators - birds are nice little lunch packs on the wing (which makes them fascinating toys as well). Cats usually get excited at the sight of birds and make that strange "let me at it" noise.

    Cats are also "programmed" to hunt and kill birds because bird feathers are a valuable source of taurine without which a cat will lose its sight.

  • LISA
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    1 decade ago

    You know that a free cat devotes many hours in hunting its victims, mouse ,chicken, birds, flies e.t.c.Birds are one of its loved subjects of hunting.So it feels enthusiastic when it saws them and want to take part in this thrilling game of hunting.So it greets its teeth, has the mouth open with adoration and desire to catch them

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My cat does this all the time.

    When he was kitten, he used to do that even on a wall clock.

    It is hilarious.

    I think, it is kitties way to alert other felines about danger or prey in nature

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