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Boy blues! Please give me some advice... =] ANSWER!?


Urgh... Well i've been hit by cupet... and yes, i'm not sure about what i should do! it's driving me insane really! He is just simply amazing...

He's into and plays the same sport as me :) We're in some of the same classes, his skin colour just kills (i love it!) and has an awesome non-annoying personality. Anyway, i really don't think he likes me back though :(((

But my friends reckons he might. Things that have happened:

* He's asked me to do his language homework, and in return he would take me to the cinema :D Everyone asks me to do their language hw, i'm classified as an expert. Anyway, i did his homework, but told him he didn't have to take me to the cinema. Why did i do this? Because I'm an idiot! And because my parents don't approve of me actually having a bf. They'de miss understood if i tol them i was going...

* i notice that he loks my way once in a while. (i don't make ANYTHING obvious!)

* After we agreed how i would return his hw to him on MSN, after we said bye, he asked if we could sit together the day if there wasn't anything wrong with that. WHAT DID I DO? Idiot me! i said no, because i had promised a friend, i told him that :((( he said just pretend i never asked that, and signed out.

* He told me that he would do my histor hw :)))

* He tried saving me during biology!! But... i failed, because i didn't realise he was telling me that asnwer when our teacher asked me, so i gave the wrong answer...

* he's ploite!

* He doesn't force me to do anything... like e.g. he asked if he could look at my phone, and when i said do you have to, he just said alright, and didn't ask agian, beg, what soever.

* He's into heavy metal! I'm into rock...

SAVE MEEEEE! I don't know what to do!! please share heaps of advice!!

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    lol..u remind me of myself.

    well i think u should try saying yes rather than no...

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    ok you should never do someone elses school work for them tthats #1

    2 if you like him then try a date see wht happens,if you get along and continue dating plz take it slow and plz wht ever you do dont have un protected sex!!!!!!!

    Source(s): having my own kids way too young
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    babe, it sounds to me like you both like eachother :)

    when you're on msn, ask him if he wants to sit next to you in class, or if you can sit next you him.

    you should ask him out to the movies, cos it sounds a lot like he likes youuu :)

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