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I don't wanna go to school?

I don't wanna go to school cause I'm tired [not my own fault; I'm on the pill and its one of the crappy side affects] and I have a test today and I have NO idea what its on. I know this probably sounds brattish or whatever but I really don't wanna go to school. The exam is in a FREEZING room and lasts nearly 2 hours long. Any ideas how I can make the exam go better?


1. You're not allowed to wear jackets

2. I've being ill for the last 3 lessons

Update 2:

Can I finish the exam then sleep? :D

Update 3:

I ain't having sex, doctor put me on the pill for medical reasons..

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    You sound like my little sister. She has got an exam coming up, sometime this week I believe - and she is refusing to take it.

    The reason ? Because it is scheduled for the morning. She only goes to school on a part time basis and is not prepared to alter her regime for an ( important ) exam - no, not even for one day. She is a 15 year old kid that does what she wants.

    Ignore those people making negative comments regarding you being on the pill. Without knowing you or the circumstances relating to the reason why you are on the pill, who are they to judge.

    Obviously the ultimate decision is down to you, but I would recommend you make the effort and go in for the exam. Considering you have asked this question, I get the impression that you do care about your education and your future - even if it is only a little bit. That makes me think that if you stay at home and sleep, then when you wake up, you willl regret your decision. Just think, an exam does not last for very long. An hour or 2 ? At least then, when you come home before you go to sleep ( if that is stil what you want to do ) you wil have the satisfaction of knowing that you made the right choice by going into school and taking your exam.

    Chances are, once you are sitting down answering the questions, you will feel a lot better then you do now. I have days when I do not feel like going to work - but once there I am glad I did.

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    if you're cold then wear something warmer.. you're not allowed your jacket, but you are allowed a sweater or a sweatshirt.

    Being ill for the last 3 lessons isnt much of an excuse... you're suppossed to somehow get in touch with the teacher when you return from school to catch up on the lessons.. if you havent had that chance to do that period, then talk to your teacher, he may let you delay the exam until tomarrow and give you the lessons to work on tonite.

    The pill should not be making you feel tired. I've been on several different brands, and none of them made me tired.. its NOT a side effect of the pill!

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    Well for one, im on the pill and ive never been THAT tired that i couldnt go to school, and two, you should have studied for your test anyway and three, take a jumper into the exam room... simple as that :)

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    I'd just go if I were you, get it over with quick. And tell the teacher before the class that you're feeling ill and ask to go to the bathroom several times to escape the cold. Good luck on the test.

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    Wear a hoody. Stop at a convenience store or Walmart before school and get a couple hand warmers so you can put your hands in your pockets and be extra toasty during the test.

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    Take vitamin C 3 hours before the exam. If it's in the morning then it's kinda tricky, in that case eat something when you wake up and take the vitamin.

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    I certainly feel for you. Dress very warmly (in a sweater) and drink warm beverages as much as you can. Not coffee, though, because too much caffeine will end up making you cold. Tea is good. It'll keep you warm and wake you up just a bit to make you prepared for the test.

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    Wear warmer clothing and go to be earlier tomorrow nite and next time before an exam. try studying

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    Pay attention and study for your exam next time. Worry more about your education and less about sex with little boys.

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    tough crap. go to school. wear a jacket, and you should have studied.

    edit: wear a long sleeved shirt. and then a sweatshirt. talk to your doctor about the Pill side effects. as for the test, nothing is going to make it "go better".

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