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I be leave Were all living in hell on earth and we get to live it all over again and again. rebirth ?

repeated for eternity Till we get it Wright.

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    Amen. Our essence (though not the personality that houses that essence) is reincarnated until the point of Salvation is found and we break free from the cycle.

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    As a Deist, I don't believe in a physical place called hell. However, I do believe there are evil people and I believe we can create hell in our lives here on earth. I don't believe in rebirth, simply because it isn't logical and there would really be no point in rebirth, or reincarnation. The whole idea of rebirth is that we come back and get a chance to correct the wrongs of our previous life. Well, I don't remember anything about a previous life, so how can I correct my wrongs if I don't remember my previous life?

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    I agree that we are reborn until we get it right, but I don't believe Earth is Hell. Look around at the beauty. Spend some time in a park, hug a tree. We are in heaven.

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    darling, until your grammar is correct we will all be suffering :P jks

    i believe we are living in hell on earth too, and that were waiting until we get into heaven to actually feel 'alive'

    ahh i don't know, sometimes it makes you feel like we are because of all the suffering around us, but as much as people deny it, there is an equal balance of good and bad in this world


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    It was hell trying to read your orthographically challenged message.

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    thanks, now i can quit my job, leave home and find where hell is for me. do you have any tips on how i should go about finding my own personal hell?

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