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is this true? ( blaaannnkkkk) -read- ?

hi am michelle and i love j-pop and whenever i am alone in my house (witch is rare i do not sing infront of my family cause if i did they would think i was crazy ) i like to tape record me singing a song (am not the best singer lol) and over the 1 year of me singing j-pop music i think i have picked up a Japanese accent not really when i talk but when i sing

i read a comment on youtube of a person saying if you sing enough j-pop songs you well pick up a Japanese accent

could this be true?

sorry i know this is a dumb question

- no rude comments.-

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    I don't think you would pick up an Japanese accent. I would just think you would get better and sound more like the song you where trying to mimic. If you think you have picked up a Japanese accent then put it to the test and try singing a song you never done before and see if you still have the same accent with that song. I would of thought the first time you will not have an accent, but if you practice that song you will be able to mimic and sound similar.

    Do you mean that you sound Japanese? Or that you might have an accent from a certain part of Japan???

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    No. It would be different if you lived in japan and were submerged in the culture. What you have is just a mimic of it becauseyou have an appreciation for the music.

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    That could be true cause you've been practicing and you often think you sound like one of the singers right? Well, the body is only a follower of the mind. What you make the mind used to doing the body will find it easy to do.

    I dunno if this helps but good luck though! :)

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    most of the time, i watch anime..

    i copy their voices cause it is cute...

    i think that is is normal to get accent specially if you like the culture of another country or does dramatics...

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    ok... i have a rude comment, but i won't put it here...

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