Married female friend told me she wants to sleep with me?

Ok, I recently met this woman and we've become pretty good friends. Only friends. She's married to a man who is currently serving in Iraq. I've never met him.

She recently admitted to having thoughts of cheating on her husband because the lack of sex is driving her nuts. I've been the one telling her it's normal to feel lonely, but that abstaining will strenthen their marriage.

This evening she took it a step further and told me she wanted to sleep with me. I am fairly attracted to her, and I know it would be wrong to indulge her. I guess I'm just not sure how to proceed or what to say to her. She's a good person... just kinda lost right now.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dont you worry about a thing ...I tell you what you give me her number and I will take this heavy burden off your shoulders!! ...Seriously, if you are good mates ...and she wants to sleep with you long as you guys get the ground rules set upfront it doessnt get all weird later should be fine ...she obviously doesnt want to sleep with just anyone ...but a girl is not a camel!!... if it is going to be someone ...why not you! ...You obviously care for her ...and she you ...go for it! guys obviously communicate together well why not.

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    1 decade ago

    I know its not a good idea but I think you should sleep with her at night because either way if you dont sleep with her she will surely sleep with some other guy in the end. you could sleep with her for a night and then make her understand that what she is doing so wrong and she should not do this again.

    mainly ,Tell her to think about her husband, how would he feel when he will hear this things?

    Again tell her that what would happen if she would be a married man and her wife would be sleeping with some other guys, then how would she feel then?

    Try to make her understand at any cost that 'Love is more important than sex' .

    I m sure that you can make her understand all this things without needing to sleep with her.

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