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Confusing girl problem, need advice please.?

So I have been talking to this girl(A) for a while and she has been throwing me a TON of mixed signals. So you know, I still talk to other girls and stuff because im not going out with this one, so this other girl(B) and me started getting closer and she started posting cute and flirty messages on my facebook wall for the past 3 weeks. Girl(A) does visit my facebook i know that.

So girl(A) started texting me a lot in the past 1.5 weeks and I thought its better I didn't put much hope into me and her. I never really asked her out, we did hang out twice. So she is talking to me Friday and stuff being really cute and we were flirtin and stuff. Saturday afternoon she texts me saying she is somewhere. So I don't care much, so I keep saying yeah, word, cool, awesome. Then she couldn't take it and just said "im out a with guy right now heading to dinner, he is also hispanic like you"

so i really did get jealous and stuff but didn't react too much to it and just told her to have fun. today she text me and wanted to see me, but I had a paper due so i said tomorrow.

Was she trying to get me jealous because maybe she got jealous of girl(B)? I mean she just threw all that at me, i didn't ask her. As I said, due to the mixed signals I never asked her out. She wants to see me tomorrow, and im gonna meet her, but what should I do?????? I'd fully move on, but I like her a lot and wouldn't mind putting a little more effort than usual.

Also when I first met her she did say she plays hard to get with guys.

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    just ask her out

    and see what she says.

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    If girl(A) sees your facebook I would probably bet money on it that she said that just to make you jealous. She felt like this other girl was moving in on what she wants so needed to do something to make you jealous, and it worked even though she doesn't know that. She kept trying to get you to ask where she was so she could say she was going to dinner but instead you didn't which made her frustrated which resulted in her blurting it out herself. Now with girl(B), do you see much of anything in her? If not, I don't think you should lead her on, or any girl of that matter. Just meet her tomorrow and hear what she has to say and then go from there.

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    You play her at her own game mate ...and she will be eating out of your hand in no time ..its already working ...just dont push the hard to get angel too far ...but dont go full on ..then she will withdraw again...keep her coming back for more ...such a hoot!

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    she was trying to make you jealous.

    she probably never even went out with that guy.

    yeah girls can be

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    well u need to tlk to girlA and find out her feeling and take it from there if she likes u sak wat she wants to do

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