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Is it possible to have a "cusp" in your RISING SIGN?

for example, if im born at 12pm and have cancer rising at 29 degrees, and if i were to be born at 12.03pm instead, i would've been a leo rising at 00 degrees, (time difference of 3 minutes only), does it mean that i am strictly cancer rising, or can it mean that i might have both influences of cancer and leo in my rising sign?


i'd like to emphasise again that i'm talking about RISING sign and NOT SUN SIGN. just in case for those people who type sh*t without reading.

thanks tho!

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    The rising sign is the sign on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth not 3 minutes later. In your example, 29 Cancer rises so you have Cancer rising and your ascendant ruler is the Moon. However, the bulk of the first house will hold Leo. According to some astrologers, and I think this makes sense, if 27 or more degrees of a sign is on the eastern horizon, the ruler of the following sign is a "co-ruler" of that house. So again in your example, Moon rules the ascendant, but the Sun is the co-ruler of the ascendant. So when trying to determine the "meaning" of the first house, the astrologer would use the Sun and Moon.

    NOTE: Passion wants to know what her Descendant is. The Descendant is the exact opposite of the ascendant or rising sign. So if 15 Aries rises, then 15 Libra is on the descendant. If 10 Gemini rises, then 10 Sagittarius is on the descendant. In most systems the descendant is the 7th house cusp and that house represents the spouse, the marriage, open enemies, lawsuits, rivals and other things.

    Finally, it should have been noticed above, and this habitually falls on deaf ears: signs do not have cusps. Houses have cusps. The Sun (and all the other planets) are either in one sign or the other. They cannot be in both or in some kind of never-never land where the native has two Sun signs. If the Sun is 29 degrees 59 minutes and 59 seconds of arc in Aries, the Sun is in Aries. When the Sun moves one second of arc into Taurus, the Sun is then in Taurus. End of story. No cusps. Some might argue that the individual will then have traits of both signs. If the only thing we're looking at is the Sun sign, this might be significant, if it were true, but since the Sun is one part (albeit an important part) of the chart, it is not the only thing that shows characteristics. So if your Sun is smack in the middle at 15 degrees Leo, you may have Virgo traits because of other things in the chart like other planets in Virgo. If the Sun 29 Leo and you have nothing in Virgo, unless Virgo falls on the cusp of an important house, you won't see much Virgo.

    This whole "signs have cusps" thing is due to newspaper horoscopes. For example some say Pisces begins on Feb 19, and others will say Feb 20. The problem is that the date can change from year to year, and can and will vary depending on where you were born. Since most readers of daily horoscopes don't know this, the idea of the cusp of a sign was born. It is possible for two people to be born on Feb 19 or 20th and one will be a Pisces and the other an Aquarius depending on where they were born and what time of day. But that takes us elsewhere.


    Edit: From the online Etymology Dictionary

    cusp 1585, from L. cuspis "point, spear, pointed end."

    In astrology the word "cusp," taken from the above means "most sensitive point." All astrologers agree that the most sensitive point in an astrological house is the cusp. The word cusp does not mean "beginning" or "dividing line." Although most astrologers use the house cusp as the dividing line between houses. Some astrologers, citing Ptolemy (2nd century AD), claim the house starts 5 degrees before the cusp. Some Sun sign astrologers, realizing their audience isn't that sophisticated, use the word "cusp" to indicate dividing lines between signs, but whatever their reason, that is wrong.

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    I think you would be striclty a leo rising at 12.03. I think that the smaller the degree, the larger the influence (if i make sense here). Eg. I'm a scorpio rising, but if i were born 20 minutes earlier i would have a libra rising, and the scorpio rising seems to have had a big influence on both my personality and my looks. But you might have some cancerian traits if you were born at 12.03. I dont think at/near the very end of the cancer rising(or any rising) that the influence of that sign is as strong as it would be at the start.

    You could also ask yourself how do you come across when you meet people, what is your appearence like?(this is if you truly believe in astrology of course). A cancer rising would be a bit shy and a leo rising would be more confident when first meeting someone.(Yes I know sun sign/moon sign etc.. would come into it as well but i basing this on rising sign).

    Hope i made sense there, lol:)

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    I was on a really good astrology website the other day because I was trying to find out what my descendant sign is. We all have both an ascendant and a descendant sign, anyway I was reading that there are just a few rare people that are on the cusp when it comes to the rising sign. It said something about a person having to have both their sun sign and their rising sign coming in at a certain degrees that was almost the same. I really can't explain it in detail but I think it's very possible. Months ago I thought that idea was crazy when someone asked it, but I guess we have to do our homework in astrology to get all the facts. I'm glad I read up about it or I would never have known~

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    You can have both influence. Look at all planetary positions in individual horoscope

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    i know what you mean. i can't help you though. i'm a bit confused about my rising sign as well.. i could be either taurus or gemini rising...

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