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How did the Byzantine Empire survive after the Roman Empire collapsed?

Hi, I just need this for a project I'm doing. Thx everyone.

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    The Byzantine Empire was simply the Eastern Roman Empire. The Western Roman Empire fell in 476 AD. The Eastern Empire had Constantinople, which was the most perfectly fortified city of the pre-gunpowder era. The Eastern Empire had a greater population density than the Western Empire, and it had a secure (until after 1071 AD) area for recruits to its army in Anatolia (modern day Turkey). Trade was in better shape in the Eastern Mediterranean than the Western end in the 5th century and onwards. This helped Constantinople, which was well situated for trade. Until the Moslems seized North Africa, the Eastern Med. was a great center of sea born trade.

    The Eastern Roman Empire is not usually called by historians the Byzantine Empire until about the 700s. The "Byzantines" themselves called themselves Romans until the bloody end in 1453.

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    Yes up until it was taken over by the Ottoman empire.

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