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We are always hearing about girls pressured to look nice, but what insecurities to guys face?

We hear a lot about females being pressured to look nice (hair, skin, nails, makeup, body shape etc). Not much is said about the pressures men feel. What kind of things do guys face when it comes to living up to socities 'standards'?


I perhaps wasn't specific enough, but I want to know what kind of problems men face in the area of physical appearance and societal pressure.

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    it is simple, when society pressures people to "look good" they are actually pressuring them to be prime mating material, in other words that they have exaggerated sexual characteristics, like wide childbearing hips, big breasts that can provide a lot of milk, that they are thin, healthy and young looking for women so that they can be the nurturers, and babymakers, men have to be smart, strong, fast, and have a long thick penis, so that they can be the provider, protector, and sire.

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    I think maybe on of the societal pressures for males is simply to have a beautiful woman?

    My boyfriends friend is average looking, well his girlfriend is not near as good looking as all the other girlfriends in the group and believe it or not the guys give him trouble about it. so i think that is a pressure on men, having to have a beautiful woman

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    I am a woman so I wouldn't know personally...but it seems to me the pressures society would place on a man would be to be "successful" earn a lot of have status at your be able to buy a lot of things....etc.

    I am saying this because it seems those are the things a lot of women want from men. I know it is a basic need for most women to have security...just like men want a beautiful woman....however just as some men take it to the extremes and want a Barbie doll for a woman, some women take it to the extremes and want someone like a Donald Trump for a man...this is just my opinion. Hope it helps.

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    i individually do no longer know why this is that certainly one of those enormous cope with the two adult men and girls folk i'd on no account unload a woman because of the fact she does not have a useful physique and that i do no longer know why all of us would for her no longer having a useful downstairs he would desire to easily be excited to even see down there and ya I agree like 80% of adult men are all approximately that stuff and could no longer care much less appropriate to the particularly lady. Now i'm no longer asserting i'd only bypass and date all of us truthfully everyone has standards yet some peoples are only down appropriate loopy. i admire your remark on the lulu lemon pants approximately each and every 2nd lady at my college wears them questioning precisely that now i'm no longer asserting that each and each physique females who placed on that stuff are like this certainly one of my superb lady friends does and he or she does not pretend she has the superb physique interior the international. I see an identical ingredient going on with adult men to between the main extensive-unfold adult men at my college does not look large in any respect (no longer attempting to decide or something) however the only reason all of us even looks at him is using the fact he has a six %. and hugh biceps if he did no longer no person would even provide him a 2nd look. yet back to the factor for me its extremely adequate to have something only as long as we adore one yet another incredibly face or incredibly physique. Now do no longer bypass questioning i'm grotesque the two or something so

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    for males it is about being an alpha male...simply how much power and influence you hold within your own peers and in some cases with the opposite sex.

    sorry if i sound like a git.

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    if you are talking about societies standards,

    then i guess its to have a high paying job, fancy car,

    and from woman,

    be manly, yet sensitive,

    well groomed, but not vain,

    but really,

    its all smoke and mirrors,

    i like people who are just themselves,

    i mean, Society standards is a bit of a myth,

    where are they? who is Society?

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    well guys dont reli care about stuff like that well i dont.

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