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Tamil kavithai....For my wouldbe?

I like to send a kavithai(tamil poem) to my wouldbe on engagement day and for feb 14 th.can anyone send some nice poem.He is a poet,so i like to send some good poem.I need it as soon as possible


Hi hamsadhev,

Im not a poet to write a poem,My feelings and words abt him are silent ,it is my heart.I can express it in action ,but i dnt knw how to express it in words.It doesnt mean i cant continue my life with him in future.That is the case,then only poet can marry anyone n lead happy life.But i dnt think so only poet can do it.If i dnt hav hand to write poem or tongue to say poem ,it doesnt mean i cant love him n lead happy life with him.

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    If you cannot compose a good poem and need others help to coax your would be, I wonder how you would pull on for the rest of your married life.

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