coaxial to rca/s-video?

i bought a sony locationfree lf-v30 so i can use it to watch tv shows from my home country. i forgot that this model doesn't have a coaxial support and i only have the basic cable without box over there.

is there a conveter that i can use to connect a coaxial cable from the wall to the locationfree with RCA (red, yellow, white) or s-video?

i don't have a vcr and i think it's to bulky so it's out of my option.


to smiles: nope. that's not it. it converts a/v and s-video into coaxial. i need the other way around....

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    I think this is what you need.

    Hope this is right.

    Source(s): Thanks for the question. In searching for you I found something that I have been looking for to connect my laptop to a projector. We both got our questions answered. :)
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    Coax carries an RF-modulated signal, so in effect you need a tuner. As you mentioned, tuners are available in VCRs or set-top boxes.

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