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What is a good method to avoid procrastination?

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    I think procrastination was my middle name! lol

    Do you know what worked for me?

    Keeping a list of what had to be done and then going for a personal best in timing them.It worked for me. Oh and another thing I tell myself,

    Just do it, now!. There is no time like the present!!!

    Hope my methods are useful to you:)

    good luck with the search.

    always...with Grace

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    For a start, you need to get yourself off Yahoo!!

    List writing is key to overcoming procrastination. Write a list of EVERYTHING you need to do. Then prioritize the list in order of importance. Break bigger tasks down into their smallest constituents. So, if you've got an essay to write, don't just write 'write essay' on your list, but be specific: research component x of the question, then component y, do a literature search, read chapters x y and z, etc etc... you see what I mean?

    Once you have your list, decide roughly how long you think you can really concentrate for. I can only concentrate intensely for about 20 - 30 minutes at a time. This is average. Trying to concentrate for longer, even if you think you're on a roll, usually doesn't work. You start to become less efficient. So, decide on a task on your list, one of the top priority ones, and do it for 20 minutes. Then STOP. Walk away, do something else, even another activity off your list. Take a break for at least 10 minutes, then go back. It helps if you have a watch or alarm clock, as this keeps you on track.

    If you are really committed to overcoming procrastination, I know this will work. Just try it, even if only for today, and see!! Good luck.

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    I am a HUGE procrastinator. Since I've started college that needed to change. The best thing that I've been able to come up with is to mae a list of everything you need to do in the order you need to do them. Then take a day, like a weekend, and just go down the list. It's very rewarding to be able to cross off all the things you've been needing to accomplish.

    Those are my thoughts. Hope it helps

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    Getting each thing achieved at as quickly as - because of fact if i even start to do some thing else, it is going to under no circumstances get achieved. So if it is rubbish disposal time - then doing that - and 'mutually as in the mode', doing yet another unsightly activity on the instant. p.s. great double damaging....keeping off procrastination - by using doing it is it additionally procrastinating?:)

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    Put it off till later.

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