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My throat hurts. Help?

The back of my throat is completely swollen. It hurts to breathe, talk, and swallow things. My gland is extremely swollen as well. My head hurts along with this. My whole body gets really cold then really hot. Help it hurts so bad ]:

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    gargle with salt water

    eat some orange sherbert

    that always helps my throat feel better

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    You have strep. You need to go to the doctor to get tested for it and get antibiotics. Your getting cold and really hot because you have a fever. If you don't get the medicine for it and let it go to long your throat can swell to the point where you can breathe.

    Source(s): I've had this about 100 times in my life.
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    Go to quick care and get a z pack. Maybe you have the kissing disease.. whats it called?

    You'll be fine.

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    sounds like you need a man

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