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Girls Help! Why Do girls who barely know me stay on the phone so long just to argue with me?

It seems like I really offend girls but I have no idea how what I say is so offensive. The pattern goes like this

1. I meet a girl,

2. talk to her and stuff,

3. get her number,

4. text her,

5. say something she doesn't like,

and then *BOOM*

6. a "Text message battle" (talking **** back and forth) for about 3 to 4 hours.

The last one lasted about 3 hours and only because I cut her off and said that I had to go. She got mad because she said she was going to downtown San Diego...I said that DownTown sucks, jokingly.

The first one that I can remember got pissed off because I called her a "Fun Nazi" jokingly ( I didn't know she was half german), we had the "text message battle" for about 4 hours and then she called me just to argue.

Basically, i understand why there mad. But why do they stay on the phone with me for so long?

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    Because you're a tosser.


    Probably on their rags, hun.

    Tell them to close their legs and fck off.

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    Yes I'm puzzled why they would stay on the phone that long also. Why oh why cant you pick up a phone and talk to them. Stop hiding behind letters on your phone and learn to talk to girls. That way the tone of your voice will send the correct messages ....hopefully!

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    Probably they want you to know how angry and pissed of they are by your some stupid comment (according to them and not me) and realize or rather confess that you made a mistake and are sorry. That may be the reason why they stick to the phone for hours....They just don't wanna give up....

    Was that conceiving?

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    Lol, maybe you should think really carefully about what you say, people can take offence to things that don't even concern them. I don't know why they stay on the phone so long maybe they like the sound of your apologetic voice =).x

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    the logic about it is that the girls you have talked and had a text battle before just wantedto prove their self to you..and also be a gentle man all the time and not be a jerk/gentledog..that's all.

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    well im a teenage girl and i don't argue with boys you must live in the wrong spot for it lol. i don't believe in getting mad over nothing.. i feel sorry for you

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    if you offend somebody, just say sorry. i doubt they stay arguing just for the sake of it. i'm sure you fan the fire.

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    They have no lifes.

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