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What do I do when a friend uses me.?

Well, I actually have two friends, their names are Sarah and Kayla, Sarah will sometimes be mean to me and then sometimes act like my best friend. Like if I buy her food she'll be very nice but then the next day she acts like she doesn't know me. She sometimes also makes me feel very very bad.

Kayla is nice sometimes. But then if I crack a joke she'll take it seriously. And then she'll get annoyed at me, for the rest of the day. They're both nice to me if I get them something, but then they'll turn on me.

I am ALWAYS nice to them, but if they say something and I get mad i'm scared they'll turn my friends against me. I am a really sensitive person, what should I say to them.

+ I think they're only coming to my birthday party for the food, I know they really don't like me. And they're stealing our group of friends away from us and forming there own group.

What do I do?

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    Get rid of them and get yourself some self-esteem. They are useless and will only hinder your personal growth.

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    Honestly honey, your better off without these "friends":) I used to have 2 friend's that did the exact same thing to me, after a couple of years of putting up with them, I finally found new friends and ive never been so happy since. =] I also have a friend that cant take a joke either, just keep being yourself, your "friend" is obviously trying to change you, either that or she just wants a reason to be mad at you! Stop buying these "friends" food, they don't deserve it, that is probably the only reason they are still hanging around you. I suggest finding new friends because you deserve alot better. Good luck with everything hun, I hope everything goes well. =]

  • Gina
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    uninvite them to your party and make sure they arent part of your life again. they were using you, if you are a nice person you shouldnt have to buy your friends

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    Stop being friends with them. Your other friendsshould know and see it too as well.

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  • 1 decade ago

    just simply ignore them!!!when they r really behaving such a way n it is clear they are just using u then why r u just behind them!!! get sumone as ur frnds who REALLY cares bout u....n not just simply changing their attitudes towards u according to the situation...........

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