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Am I having a nervous breakdown?

I have had a very wierd past few days, finding myself perhaps out of a friendship, involved in a love triangle and generally feeling like everything bad that has happened is my fault. Gradually, I have felt worse and worse. I just want to sit and do nothing, and wait for something to go away, either my problems or me.

I had to come back into the office today, after 3 days of annual leave last week and have not been able to focus. I have already had to excuse myself once to go to the toilet where I was sick and cried.

I feel like the lowest form of being on the planet, I'm not sleeping and don't see any reason to get up tomorrow. I secretly hope when I go to bed, that I wont ever wake up.

Is this a nervous breakdown?


Thanks for the answers so far - to give you more of an idea of what is going on I have developed feelings for my best friends boyfriend. She doesn't know this but is not happy with me and is bitching behind my back as we went on a night out without her (she was on holiday).

However, he kissed me a couple of times. Although I pushed him away, I know that on some level I wanted him to and that is what is eating me up inside. I text him at the weekend to say that what was happening wasn't fair on either me or my friend and he replied that we should just pretend it never happened and just be friends. I know this is the right thing to do.

I have confided in another one of my friends but she has said in not so many words that I am overreacting and need to snap out of it.

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    no, this is more of a emotional breakdown.

    where the world just seems to be nothing?

    negative thoguhts are so powerful, you need to make posistve thoughts just as powerful.

    i know what it feels like to be there, you'll get through it, yeah it'll be tough and yeah it might happen again.

    but life is life.

    ring a hotline, talk to a shrink, talk to a friend or well anyone.


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    I think it sounds more like youre going through a very bad patch of stress. I went through this last year and I felt like I was about to have a nervous break down too. It got to a point where id be sat at my desk and I felt like I couldnt move and was about to have a panic attack. Ive been to my doctor since and was referred for counselling which helped a lot. If you feel yourself starting to get panicky (I know its hard) try to sit quietly for a few minutes and breathe deeply and slowly. Also dont worry about going off to the toilets to cry and let it out, you need too! If I was you I would get an appointment with the doctor because they will definatley be able to help you by signing you off work for a week or so, so you can rest etc. Speak to your manager at work and tell them how youre feeling. Good luck.

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    Firstly i must ask.. Have you seen you doctor?

    I know when the beginnings of depression start we do not think that we are actually suffering from that state we would rather not think about.

    Unless we can realise that is what is happening to us, and get the help we need now, before things get worse.

    Then the road back will only get longer, more complected.

    You are showing the signs of the beginnings of clinical depression.

    Do not let yourself go any lower down that road.

    See your doctor now.

    Explain how you feel.

    You can find the help you need.

    Do it now.

    A concerned person.

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    I can relate to the problem you are having. I am a freshman in college and I've been experiencing the same sluggish feeling you have described. I have not overcome this phase in my life yet but I am working on it. There is a video on youtube that focuses on positive state of mind. It has to do with the Law of Attraction; what you feel is what you experience.

    Youtube thumbnail

    I don't know how much of this is actually true but it's always great to get another prospective of a problem. Watch the video though. I think it will help..

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    Hun, sounds like depression.

    Don't worry. Its treatable. Go to your doctors and tell them exactly how you feel. Don't be scared to say the things that are going through your head.

    The docs will give you some tablets for sleeping and should prescribee you some medicationn for the depression. Maybe some talking therapy too.

    Have you felt yourself going down for some time or has this just come on quickly?

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    It is called depression. Everyone has down times, some more severe, bu the last thing you want to do is give up on life. Times will get better, don't let one little thing, like a friendship ending, get you down for good. There are plenty of other people to meet and enjoy.

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    What ever you call it, you need to get help from a professional. There is clearly stuff in your life that your psyche is not happy with. Please remember that everyone makes mistakes, and we all have low points in our lives. You are certainly not the worst human on Earth. A couple of months ago I was in a severe depression, with no motivation or will to live. I got help, and am slowly coming out of the hell I was in. Please do the same for yourself, everyone needs help sometimes. And please remember that you are human too, try to be as kind to yourself as possible until you are better able to cope with this situation. Good luck, and remember that this to shall pass.

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    You are totally depressed. You need to go out with friends or do some leisure s to forget those things that make you feel down. To get guidance of a professional, go to a Psychiatrist who will give you advise on what to do to effectively get out from that negative feelings. I suggest you do it now before it gets worse.

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    it could be or it could be depression, honestly lighten up on yourself, what could be so bad that your mentally torturing yourself like this for

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