My computer suddenly doesn't produce any sound from any program! What's wrong?

It just suddenlt didn't have any sound I checking everything, the plugs, earphones, speackers, programs, audio..etc. HELLP. DO i need to debug all my audio softwares?

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    First of all calling another computer technican to touch your computer?? I bet you will be stuck with over paying for the services. First of all you need to provide if it is a Personal computer(desktop) or laptop or a Mac.

    I'm Guessing your using a Desktop so first of all,

    1. Click Start (bottom left corner)

    2. Go to Control Panel

    3. Procede to Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices.

    4. Check if the sound is on

    5. Procede back to Control Panel

    6. Go to Performance and Maintenance

    7. Click on System

    8. Click on Hardware.

    9. Click on Device Manager.

    10. Look for sound, Video, and Game controllers

    11. Be sure to check if they are read "working Properly by double clicking on the Drivers. Becareful you don't click anything else because it may cause serious problems.

    And Update your Drivers for Sound

    12. If that fails then you'd have to unscrew your moniter and make sure your Audio is put in correctly into your motherboard.

    13. Look for any signs of burning or any problems on your motherboard.

    14. When everything above fails then It's best to call someone to help you.

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    1 decade ago

    Minor things first, and you checked them already. So, remove and reinstall your audio software and definitely it will work.

  • 1 decade ago

    there is just a problem on your cpu. that happens on my computer it also don't make a sound. consult a computer technician. they know what to do.

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