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Exercising In Pregnancy...?

Iv never been big on exercising before I was pregnant but now i'm 22 weeks pregnant and really want to do some exercise to benefit my baby and help my body deal with the strains of pregnancy as I am growing rapidly!

Every web page I look at seems to give different advice, people say walking (but apparently not too much and on even ground!?) and Pilate's...?

Any ideas of any good exercises to do or any exercise aids i.e.) dvd recommendations??!

Thanks xx

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    When it comes to exercise during pregnancy, I agree with Vicky Iovine in the Girlfriend's Guide. Sitting and raising the remote will do just fine. *giggle*

    Seriously, now isn't the time to start a new, intense exercise program. And if it makes you feel any better, there's no way to condition the muscles you use for labor and pushing through exercise anyway. I agree with Ms. Iovine on that too... in that it almost seems like the most fit and toned girls have the most problems squeezing that baby out. At least it's been that way in my personal experience and with people I've known. (although I'm sure there are exceptions)

    If you're wanting to strengthen your back, etc. to help you carry the pregnancy, then pregnancy yoga might be right for you. It's relaxing, low impact, and helps loosen you up as well. I loved it and was even doing it in early labor for the relaxation.

    Best of luck to you!

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    I am not sure where you are but I attend a class called Preggie Bellies. They specialise in cardio and toning for pregnant women only. They also have DVD's which you can buy over the internet.

    The classes are done on a special ball (to stop pubic bone pain etc) and as it is geared to pregnant women you can start anytime you want during your pregnancy.

    Their website is: and I know they are based in South Africa and Australia. I am not sure where else.

    I hated exercise and also decided I should do something when I fell pregnant. I take these classes twice a week and I feel really great now!

    Good luck!

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    The general thought is that exercise is fine during pregnancy! However since you did not exercise before you will want to do low impact things and exercises that don't stress you or baby! If you feel pain or discomfort back off and rest. Don't push yourself more then you and baby can handle! Good luck!

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    My doctor suggested walking. I started walking everyday, and I have been feeling so much better and i have a lot more energy. I go for about a half hour a day. My back was really bothering me before and this has really helped. As far as other exercises I would ask your doc first. :) Best of luck to you:)

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    I was told from my doctor not to do anything that I wasn't doing before the pregnancy (for example the gym all of a sudden) doing weights! It was recommended to do some walking! I know this probably isn't what you want to do but thats what I was told!

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    try swimming walking, you cud get an exercise bike just things like that in general, i think swimming would be your best bet though as it will take the weight of your body and work your body all over. Don't forget not to over do it though

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    i went to gym and did walking on the treadmill and swimming up to my due date lol!!!

    i never let my heartbeat get past 100

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