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Im a Guy and i Straighten my hair But it doesn't last that long.......?

because may hair becomes puffy really easily like in the wind or whatever, my natural hair is curly and kinda thick brown hair and its medium long, what im wondering is does it depend on my hair straighter how long it stays straight and how straight my hair can become, or should i get my hair thinned? i want it to become like super straight and last like that, do you guys recommend i layer and thin it?

thanks for good answers

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    Well if you thin your hair you will have broken looking pieces flying around after you straighten. My advice is use a heat protectant spray before you straighten and if you live in a humid climate you can buy hairsprays that are humid resistant. Also if you can use a shampoo and conditioner that has a smoothing effect it says on the bottle I use Herbal Essence pin straight products and they work great. I have super thick crazy wavy hair and if I use regular shampoo my hair looks dry and still poofy. Hope that helps.

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    tell her you'll keep as a lot as get a high-quality high quality straightener. carry out a touch study about which manufacturers are kindest to hair and then clarify to her what you've got here upon out - positioned her thoughts comfy. This frame of mind will exhibit that you're to blame and mature. actual, i do not imagine you'll do countless damage once you're in basic terms straightening it once a week. If she's nevertheless in touch, tell her you'll make investments in some warmth protection spray, too. As for being too youthful, clarify to her that it really isn't any longer in basic terms an problem of conceitedness and preening. clarify that it makes you sense extra confident about your self and tender about the way you seem. If she nevertheless refuses, you should cheer your self up with the help of ditching the bun and attempting some diverse hairstyles like plaits, French rolls, etc.

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    ok 3 things :)

    1. you should get your hair razored to make it thinner (not as thick- not like blading :P)

    2. you need some good hair products. i would suggest a good hairspray (tressume works great, if you want something more expensive try bed head)

    3. you need a good straigtener. a chi would be awesome but they are very expensive. you should probably be using about a 1" and it should get about 200 degrees.

    after getting the haircut you want, depending on your hair, try using either a good hair wax or hairspray to style your hair. the person who cuts it will be able to tell you what you need to keep it from not getting poofy.

    best of luck. hope this helped :)

    ps. don't feel bad about using hair products or straightening your hair. lots of guys do it and it's nice to see you're interested in looking good.

    Source(s): my boyfriend is very picky about his hair- i do it all the time.
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    that happned to me alot before

    but I found out i was striaghting it wrong

    what you need to do is stighten it in sections and slow take your time dont rush and go ZWOOP! done! :D

    cuz itll only last for a little while

    good luck ^^

    or use a gell or somthing?

    hairspray also! spray it on your hands and mat down your hair if its that bad

    dont put too much tho cuz then ur hair will look and feel weird XD

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    im a guy and i straighten my hair all the time...

    i got my hair thinned and its alot more manageable

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    layer and thin it, because it will make it easier to straighten..

    and use hairspray or gel to keep it in place!

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    try remington hair straighter. i use this one and i am very pleased with it.

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