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New dog in our house?

We currently have a 2 1/2 yr. old male. We bought a (approx.) 5 year old female from the humane society this weekend (they are the same breed). They socialized really well there and haven't done too bad at home, but there have been a few instances where she gets a little gnarly at him (where I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving the 2 alone together when I'm not there). Is this normal? What can we do to end this? She also seems like she might be a little (key word, little) food aggressive. She seems to come from a home where she was an only dog. She is quite a bit calmer and less playful than our boy (mature older woman). I really want to make this work, but at the same time if it's not going to I don't want my 3 kids to get more attached than they have to.

Any suggestions?

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    Well let's see how many thumbs down I can get with the honest answer no one wants to hear...


    Dogs need to pack, dogs live to be pack, dogs have allegiance to the pack and do not attack pack.

    Leash up both dogs, and walk. The dogs must walk at heal because you must be the pack leader. This is a very simple no brainer, if the dog is leading you, the dog is your leader. No mystery there. Dogs walk at your side or behind, all other positions mean you are surrendering Pack Leadership.

    Walk an hour at a time, at least twice a day for a while. The change in the dogs will happen on the very first walk, the repetition sets the change. All dogs should migrate with their pack leader daily in any case.

    This simple solution will make the dogs a pack and you the pack leader.

    When I bring a problem dog into the home for remedial training and evaluation, (something I do with power breed dogs for the SPCA), the last thing I want is for my Princesses to get hurt. We introduce the visitor with an extended walk, before it ever enters the home, we walk daily and repeatedly. All the dogs I work with come to me with aggression issues, not always can I change the behavior, but I never have problems within the pack.

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    Sounds like your male is passive and your female is more aggressive .The main thing you have to remember is dogs are pack animals.shes showing him hey im a higher rank than you.what you have to show her is the humans come before the dogs.some dogs who have been the only dog in a family can never really adjust to having another dog.its to bad the shelter didn't have any more info about what type of home she came from.But kudos for you for rescuing her.Just have some time an patients.

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