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Can you comprehend how big space is and how long time is, or what was there before it?

Hope someone can explain it all before i die

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    our brains are not able to comprehend the vastness of space, there are no limits. time is the same if you think that the dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago its like saying

    23,725,000,000 days ago.

    569,400,000,000 hours ago

    that sort of puts things into perspective.

    considering the world was created 5 billion years ago;

    1,825,000,000,000 days ago

    almost 2 trillion days ago... the world was created

    also, the fact that human civilization has been around for 2 million years is like saying (eg) put your arms outwards at full length. now, half a millimeter cut off your fingernail is the entire human civilization in comparison to the life of the earth (5 billion years)

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    Yes I can, thank you. I sort of imagine a scale model in my head. For example, take a thousand dollar bills lined up in a row. Then image a thousand rows so that you have a million dollars. Now, pile it up a thousand high. You've got a billion dollar cube. Now imagine 14 of those piles. How big would all that money be? That's how many light years to the edge of the visible universe.

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    No. Even professionals cannot comprehend it on a human level. We tend to take refuge in the mathematics of the Universe, where we can reduce it all to a few equations. Doesn't stop some of us trying though!

    Source(s): I am a professional astronomer.
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    No. You may think it's a long way down the street to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.

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    nope, and no noone will ever be able to explain or comprehend it. Its too much for the human mind trust me its soo unbelievably trippy. fun to think about though

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    just accept it as infinity. or a circle. no end or beginning. or a line. alpha and omega. it goes on forever. dont try to explain it. you'll always lose

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    No, and I don't waste my time on earth wondering about it, either. What would change if you actually did know?

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